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Fun Facts

Research has proven that Amasi Aids in Digestion as food is broken down much easier due to the bacterial cultures and may contain less lactose, benefitting those who are lactose intolerant. Amasi helps Eliminate Toxins as the functions of the pancreas and liver are stimulated. Amasi is proven to Boost Immunity as this specific type of milk may contain a wide variety of nutrients and vitamins, essential for an active immune system. Research has also indicated that Amasi may Reduce Allergies as the fermented milk has been discovered to have less of an allergenic effect on those who may be more sensitive to milk. Finally, research proves that Amasi may also Control Cholesterol due to regular consumptions of sour milk lowering cholesterol levels overall, resulting in a minimal risk for heart attacks.

Sour Milk Can Be Classified As:

Fermented Milk



Cultured Milk


Alike, “mama’s milk, just sour.”


Sour milk, originally known as Amasi has most certainly left an indent in the dairy industry through the demand for ‘spoilt milk’ constantly increasing. Additionally, sour milk can be classified as the first dairy product of all time and has been proven to be existing since the 1800s. Nowadays, commercially produced Amasi can be frozen for up to three months and still deliver ease to the tongue after defrosting and one hard shake. A drink produced by bacterial fermentation, yet so pure with positive effects on the immune system, digestion and even heart health.

VumelaMoove Introduces Creamy Amasi
A dairy business founded by Kyvin Smal and Todd Henderson maintaining a vision of satisfying all the Moovas with our fresh sour milk.